Make Your Holiday Safety Checklist – And Check it Twice!

With U.S. roadways full of travelers, it is an important thing to complete a simple pre-travel checklist. A checklist will ensure that simple components of your vehicle are fully functional and will provide safer transportation for you and your family. The most common things to check over before travels:

  1. Air pressure in all four tires - Make sure tires are at suggested air pressure.
  2. Don't forget your spare! Check your spare tire as well but remember, spare tire air pressure is different than the regular tires.
  3. Battery condition - Make sure the connections look intact and no corrosion around posts.
  4. Check fluid levels and top off any fluids that look low. Engine oil, transmission, brake and power steering are the most important to check at home.
  5. Wiper blades - Replace wiper blades before a long trip. It's easy to replace but if you're stuck in the rain with poor wiper blades, it can make your driving conditions much more dangerous.

Contact the team at Greenwich Honda soon to schedule service! We wish you a warm start to the bustling holiday season.

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