A Leaky Fuel Line Can Be Dangerous

Cars need gasoline to run, and we have all probably filled up our car hundreds of times without giving much thought as to how the gas is transported from the tank to other parts of the vehicle. This is done utilizing a complex system of fuel lines. These fuel lines can wear down over time causing leaks, resulting in a loss fuel efficiency and a potential fire hazard. We can inspect your fuel lines at Greenwich Honda to ensure they are not leaking or near that point.

Gasoline is not only necessary to allow your car to run, it also expensive and flammable. Leaking fuel is essentially dropping your hard-earned money on the ground. It can also create a dangerous situation if the leaked fuel were to ignite. Routine maintenance and inspection of your fuel lines are therefore vitally important.

Take a look at your owner's manual for maintenance suggestions, and pay attention to a sudden loss of fuel efficiency or puddles of fuel in your garage or driveway. If you see any signs of either bring your vehicle to the service shop at Greenwich Honda immediately to have it looked at.
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