Successfully Avoiding a Tire Blowout with These Tips

Identifying issues with the car and car tires can go a long way in helping reduce the chances you experience a blowout on the roads.

Each time your car hits a curb or slams into a pothole, you could be disrupting the car's alignment. When this happens, the wheels begin to wear on the sides which can increase the chances of a blowout. If the steering feels off, getting the front end aligned could save wear on the tires.

It will only take five minutes out of your day to look over the tires for signs of trouble. What you are looking for are any cracks in the tire tread or bulges on the sides of the tires. If tread is wearing unevenly or pieces are coming free from the tire, get the tire replaced before it fails.

Visit Greenwich Honda and our team will inspect all the car tires and make an appointment for a future tire rotation checkup.
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