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What Can Cause Your Vehicle to Come out of Alignment?

Most drivers know that they need to have a wheel alignment after they have new or different tires put on their vehicles. What they often don’t realize is that their vehicles may need an alignment at other times as well. Come to Greenwich Honda and let our technicians check over your vehicle.

If your vehicle is vibrating or veering to one side of the road, it may be in need of an alignment even if the tires aren’t new. Driving too fast over speed bumps or hitting potholes are two things that can make your wheels go out…

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Keeping Your Gas Tank Full Will Prevent Winter Troubles

If you have the chance to fill up the gas tank during winter months, take advantage of any chance you can. Not only can you check tire pressure and wiper fluids, your car will respond better with a full tank of gas.

One of the things many drivers don't even consider in the winter is that the tires need all the help they can get to bite into that ice and snow and keep the car from sliding all over the place. A full tank of gas will add a lot of weight to the back of the vehicle…
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Keep Calm and Bring Sand

If you drive in the winter months there are a few things that you should throw in your car. You should always have an emergency kit in your vehicle but you should also have a bag of sand, salt, or litter as well. It is pretty likely that you will get stuck at least once or twice so have some sand, salt, or litter on hand so you can get some traction and get unstuck.

Sand is a good option but it can be hard to find than say litter which is in every grocery store. If you use salt…
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Travel Smart This Holiday Season

If you find yourself traveling with food for the holidays, which is very likely, you want to be sure that you travel smart. You want to avoid having any spills so you should pack all of your food items in containers that have tight-fitting lids. You should also put food containers in insulated containers. A box with towels in the bottom and along the sides will also work.

We want to wish you a happy holiday season from us here at Greenwich Honda, and we want to remind you to leave plenty of time to travel. There will be more…
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You May Be Able to Get the Support You’re Seeking with the 2017 Honda CR-V Touring

Stylish and opportune, the 2017 Honda CR-V Touring presents possibilities for your travel. If you want support from accessible amenities, you may get impressed with this SUV. Do you take trips often? If you do, wouldn’t it be convenient to be able to utilize the Satellite-Linked Navigation System to get you to the spot you are looking for with ease? What about packing for those trips? It could become quite easy if you had a feature such as the Hands-Free Access Power Tailgate, where you can open your trunk with a simple wave of the foot...

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The Technology Elements Available for the 2017 Honda Odyssey May Interest You

Readily available amenities may be something you are interested in when considering which vehicle you are going to purchase next. If you want it to be spacious and possess many of technological elements, the 2017 Honda Odyssey may be your next selection. With offered features like a 7-inch Digital Driver Information Interface as well as an 8-inch Display Audio Touch-Screen, your entertainment while on your ventures as well as informative elements may get taken care of. You may be in for a fun drive on your next excursion!...

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Consider Replacing Your Car's Battery

Proper maintenance and caring for your car's electrical system, and more importantly, your battery is paramount when running an effective vehicle. Stop and think about how much you rely every day, and throughout the week on your car. You rely on it essentially to get you from one place to another, on time. Your car works hard every day for you, day in and day out. It doesn't ask for much, but there are certain things it needs in order to operate properly and not fail you at the worst possible time. One of these aspects is your…

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Great Places to Turn for Information on Whether to Buy or Lease

Many struggle with the decision regarding whether they should buy or lease a new car, once they understand the costs and benefits of each option.

Finding the right place to turn to for more information on your next car purchase can be difficult. Here are some of the convenient places to gain information on leasing or buying cars:

- consumer buying and car guides with professional reviews

- your local car dealership

- user reviews and comments on the car

- advice on leasing and buying cars...

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Why Does My Windshield Matter?

Your vehicle's windshield is a more than just a sheet of glass. It's a structural member of your vehicle. Besides providing a view of the road ahead, it also directs proper deployment of the airbag in the event of a collision. So, now you can see that this is an important piece of glass.

Whenever you see a crack develop, you need to get it addressed immediately. Your windshield's structural integrity has potentially gotten compromised. Sometimes all it takes is a hot day or a bump in the road to expand that crack, even all the way…

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